Don’t. Just don’t.

As many of you know, our team posts lost and found pets that have been sent to our statewide page, Missouri Lost & Found Paws, via private message, via our personal accounts, emails,, text etc.

On a number of occasions we have received follow up inquiries asking whether has found its home. Sadly we often receive these inquiries within 24 to 48 hours of a pet being found. Our answer is often “no”. Ww are then asked for the opportunity to rehome the pet to the individual.

We cannot iterate, and reiterate, enough that Missouri Lost & Found Paws and its regional Facebook groups are ***not*** rehoming sites. Every pet posted with us deserves to be reunited with their owner.

We have millions of pets in shelters facing euthanasia due to the influx of pets floating through their doors. Please. Visit a shelter and adopt. Contact your local rescue group and adopt.

Please. We ask you to imagine if your pet became lost and the anguish you would be feeling.

Then, imagine a citizen in your community finding your beloved pet and rehoming the pet without you knowing. How would that feel?

Please do not ask us if the found pet we have posted can go home with you.

We routinely decline and ban individuals from our groups because they are looking for pets to use for breeding. Unacceptable.

If you are a finder of a pet and you receive an inquiry for rehoming, we ask that you send us a screenshot so we can remove these types of individuals.

You will find yourself banned from our groups and statewide page if we find out you are trying to offer a home.

They deserve to find their RIGHTFUL home.

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