Sometimes, you are placed in the right place at the right time

I took this afternoon off from work as I have a busy weekend ahead. Just as I left work, a friend called to tell me about a very healthy looking cat who was deceased in St Peter’s off of McClay, between Jungerman and Hackman. I told her I would head there on my way home to scan the kitty.

So many times, our Missouri Lost & Found Paws volunteers scan deceased kitties for microchips, and we cannot find one. But today was different. This kitty had a microchip.

Though the microchip was not registered, the microchip company was able to share with me the vet clinic who purchased the microchip. I called that clinic. They looked up the microchip, and with a sad voice, said that the kitty’s name is Ricky. He was only 3 years old as he met his fate. His owners were well known to the clinic as people who loved their pets very much.

As I had not yet unloaded my car from last weekend’s Dogtoberfest event (procrastination is helpful at times), I was able to use one of our tshirts to wrap the kitty up and take him to his veterinary clinic.

Providing families with this type of closure is one of the most heartbreaking services we provide at Missouri Lost & Found Paws. And today, I was able to help only because my friend took the time to report this poor deceased baby.

Just last week, I shared the following tip sheet. You can help us to continue educating others by spreading our educational posts. We can make a positive impact in reducing lost pets through education. Please help us to do so.

Thanks to his microchip, Ricky is able to give his family closure instead of endless concern, anxiety and stress of not knowing what happened to him.

~Shuma, President, Missouri Lost & Found Paws

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