Safety first and foremost

Our Missouri Lost & Found Paws team wants to remind you to always leverage the Safe Zone meeting spots located throughout our communities. These are great places to meet up with strangers, people you don’t know otherwise.

With emotions that can run high when one has a lost pet, or one is about to meet someone that may have found their pet, it is hard to think straight!

If you are the finder, grab a leash. Ensure the collar is fastened on the snug side, rather than loose, so the dog cannot bolt. Sometimes it is possible that the pet is not a match for who you are meeting.

Regardless of whether you are the owner of the lost pet, or the finder, *always* take someone with you. Never meet someone alone.

Avoid meeting at your home, for safety precautions.

While there are many good people in this world, there is a bad seed here and there.

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