Congratulations Brentwood Police Department

When momentum starts to build, so does the excitement!

In 2018, Missouri Lost & Found Paws started reaching out proactively to police departments in the St Louis metro area. We identified police departments who were posting found pets to their Facebook page. Our thought was that if these departments were willing to do such a wonderful thing to help their community pets and their owners, a universal microchip scanner could be a game changer.

One of the benefits we know our service provides to our communities is that for every pet we are able to reunite, that leaves a spot open in animal control or animal shelter for the pets that are unwanted or abandoned. We know that for every pet we are able to get back home quickly, there are pets in the shelter system who may gain time versus facing the ticking time clock of euthanasia to be scheduled.

As we built our waiting list of police departments, we asked our community for help. Once again, they did not disappoint.

On December 23, 2019, we visited Brentwood Police Department.

Thank you for believing in our mission. Thank you for enabling us to support our community. If you would like to make a donation to our Scanning Partners Across Missouri program, please do so via PayPal.

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