Don’t judge a book by its cover


This was authored by one of our volunteers who we will call our North St Louis County Warrior!

It’s so easy to judge a book by its cover, to see a dog matted and instantly think surely it’s been dumped, uncared for or mistreated. It’s easy. I typically steer clear of the easy line of thinking and try to keep an open mind to the possibilities. I failed with this pup.

This baby has a microchip and I called and left my standard generic message “if you’re missing a dog, please call me back with details and a description.” After not getting a call back right away I judged. I judged too quickly. As soon as I saw this old man I felt he was likely once well loved but envisioned the elderly owner passing away and leaving the pup to the kids to care for only for it to end up on the street. I was wrong! & I’m incredibly glad I was!!!

Due to the babies age and condition I jumped the gun and contacted a breed specific rescue to take over the stray hold period and had the pleasure of speaking with several wonderful members of that rescue. Things were lined up for this baby to be picked up. I literally just hung up the phone with them when my phone rang again and it was the owner calling back from the message I’d left.

This baby is well loved and had been out for 2 days, one of which was rain all day. The family had been looking but hadn’t succeeded at locating their beloved long time family furbaby and was starting to think as most do – he’s old, he wandered off to die alone. He didn’t get my voicemail until the next day and immediately called excited. They were incredibly grateful their big boy was safe, warm and being cared for.

We’ve all fallen on hard times and sometimes just need a little help along the way. Sometimes the kindness of a stranger helps restore ones faith in humanity. Sometimes ya just need a fresh start to be able to manage things going forward.

Solomon was able to be groomed today and obviously feels and looks much better than he did before. A new collar and ID tag, as well as a new coat to help keep him warm on his potty runs were all also provided thanks to great friends that sent donations to help this baby.

The family was advised to save my number and reach out if they need further support or if they decide they no longer can care for him. He’s asked me to stop by anytime to check on him as well.

This senior baby taught me a lesson not to be so quick to judge. No more adventures Solomon.

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