Sugar vs Salt. We choose sugar.

Sugar goes much farther than salt. Have a neighbor whose pets live outdoors, and may not have the proper conditions to stay warm? Lend a hand.

How can YOU make a difference?

Be a Good Samaritan.

Rally the neighbors or friends to buy straw to put in the dog house.

Check to make sure the opening of the dog house is not facing the direction that the wind blows in from. (not my greatest grammar, I know)

Make an outdoor cat shelter, sheltered from the elements.

Help an owner understand that high calorie food is needed during the cold weather. Not familiar with this? Ask your vet or Google to learn more.

Blankets, towels and such materials are actually not materials that will help keep outdoor pets warm. They retain moisture. Straw is the best (don’t forget to refresh it).

Help an owner understand if the pet’s lead is not allowing the pet to enter the dog house. Gather friends, buy a new lead and present it as a friendly holiday gift.

Kindness goes a long way over spats and feuds.

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