Microchips for $20

Would you rather pay a reclaim fee or

Would you rather pay for a microchip?

The decision is yours.

The decision is simple. You can save money by microchipping your pet. Accidents will happen. Pets will become lost. If your pet has a microchip that is properly registered, the opportunity to reunite with your pet could be very quick. Animal Control scans newly picked-up pets for microchips. When a microchip is present, they can return your pet often while in the field. But, you must make sure your pet’s microchip is registered to you, the owner.

St Animal Pet Adoptions offers microchipping for any pet. The cost is $20. You must call ahead to reserve an appointment. Do remember to register the microchip afterwards. You can do register the microchip for free using the PetHealth site.

Do the due. Missouri has countless options available for microchipping services. Contact us if you need a lead. Missouri Lost & Found Paws believes strongly in sharing preventative education to help pets return home quickly if and when they go missing. It only takes one accident.

P.S. Don’t forget your household cats. Even they will become lost when the chance presents itself.

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